Windows or Mac?

So many times I’m confronted with the question of what’s better, Windows or Mac? My response: neither. Some may disagree with that answer but in my personal opinion, both are of equal quality. Consider that you might be asking the wrong question. The better Windows/Mac question is: What do you want to do with your new computer? If all you want to do is surf the web and email, then buy what feels comfortable for you. If you want to use software programs like Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. then buy Windows. If you’re a student going into web design, buy a Mac. If you are an accountant, buy Windows. Can you see the pattern here? Design = Mac. Business = Windows. Remember this next time your friend is looking at purchasing a new computer. You will come off as an expert and maybe you can get a free lunch for your awesome advice!


Smartphone Security

Would you leave your new computer unprotected by not installing anti-virus software? If your answer is: Of course not, then why should your smartphone be any different? I recently read an article stating data taken from a survey of smartphone users. It reported 70% of users felt they were safe from cybercrime. This did not surprise me. Most people tend to think that the technology is different therefore the ability to hack and steal information must be different. I’m here to say this is not true and don’t you believe it!

Have you ever been out and your friend asks, “Who sang that song we used to sing back in college?” And you reply with, “I can’t remember, let’s Google it!” So you break out your phone and away you go. Essentially you are accessing the same websites that your computer would as if you were sitting behind the desk in your office. Think of your smartphone as your pocket pc. More and more viruses are being launched targeting smartphones. Most recently a nasty Trojan called SpyEye targets your bank account. It sits and waits, incognito, waiting for you to check your bank balance only to steal your credentials and then erase its tracks. You wouldn’t even know until you go back to check your account balance only to realize it has taken a vacation without you. Don’t be a victim of vacation stealing. Take action today!

I highly recommend researching security applications for your phone without hesitation. Most times you can find a free app. And who doesn’t like free?


Free Antivirus Software That Actually Does A Good Job

For those of you out there paying astronomical fees of $70+ a year for antivirus software, stop, and read further.

I didn’t believe it when I first heard Microsoft was releasing free antivirus software a couple years ago. Microsoft Security Essentials was released in September 2009 to rave reviews. I immediately installed it on a few dummy computers determined to prove the reviews wrong. I mean, why would the big boys like Microsoft release free software if it was actually good and worked? Did this mean Microsoft was attempting to tap into a market-share to hook customers with free only to overcharge them in the future? I quickly discovered that was not so. After a year or so, I found myself using it on all my computers and suggesting others to install it as well. Against my initial judgment I found Security Essentials would catch certain viruses before my expensive Trend Micro would. I still to this day continue to be impressed and I think you will too. Stop spending your money and download today! Sorry Mac users, Windows wins this one.


Cheap Software & Hardware: Get You Some!

Is your company/organization a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit? If so, continue reading for a great way to get discounted software from Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Sage, and many more.

This amazing opportunity for your non-profit, school or government agency can be found at  TechSoup is an organization established to negotiate terms for software and hardware on your behalf.  Simply visit their website and register to see if you apply.  Be a superhero for your organization and start saving today!


Before You Contact Your Support Desk

Too many times we are confronted with the dreaded computer problem. It runs too slow or the Internet connection has failed or even worse, the blue screen of death. Whatever the issue may be we are automatically inclined to throw our hands up in frustration while screaming threats of tossing the whole kit and caboodle out the window. Before you strain yourself, consider this. Sometimes a simple reboot can solve your problem. Of course it is ignorant to think that this will always resolve the issue but contact any support desk and they will assuredly tell you to do the same.

The last thing anyone wants to do is contact support, hold for a half hour only to be connected with someone in a foreign country. To limit the troubleshooting aggravation, try this. Before contacting support conduct a quick Google search to see if others out there have experienced the same issue. A lot of times your search could yield a good blog explaining how to fix the problem. Also, don’t be afraid to right-click. On your desktop, in programs, on icons, right-clicking can lead to an entirely different menu of options which might conclude resolution.

Most times the answers for a computer issue are quite logical. In our anger and upset we lose sight of the easiest solutions.