Free Antivirus Software That Actually Does A Good Job

For those of you out there paying astronomical fees of $70+ a year for antivirus software, stop, and read further.

I didn’t believe it when I first heard Microsoft was releasing free antivirus software a couple years ago. Microsoft Security Essentials was released in September 2009 to rave reviews. I immediately installed it on a few dummy computers determined to prove the reviews wrong. I mean, why would the big boys like Microsoft release free software if it was actually good and worked? Did this mean Microsoft was attempting to tap into a market-share to hook customers with free only to overcharge them in the future? I quickly discovered that was not so. After a year or so, I found myself using it on all my computers and suggesting others to install it as well. Against my initial judgment I found Security Essentials would catch certain viruses before my expensive Trend Micro would. I still to this day continue to be impressed and I think you will too. Stop spending your money and download today! Sorry Mac users, Windows wins this one.


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