Before You Contact Your Support Desk

Too many times we are confronted with the dreaded computer problem. It runs too slow or the Internet connection has failed or even worse, the blue screen of death. Whatever the issue may be we are automatically inclined to throw our hands up in frustration while screaming threats of tossing the whole kit and caboodle out the window. Before you strain yourself, consider this. Sometimes a simple reboot can solve your problem. Of course it is ignorant to think that this will always resolve the issue but contact any support desk and they will assuredly tell you to do the same.

The last thing anyone wants to do is contact support, hold for a half hour only to be connected with someone in a foreign country. To limit the troubleshooting aggravation, try this. Before contacting support conduct a quick Google search to see if others out there have experienced the same issue. A lot of times your search could yield a good blog explaining how to fix the problem. Also, don’t be afraid to right-click. On your desktop, in programs, on icons, right-clicking can lead to an entirely different menu of options which might conclude resolution.

Most times the answers for a computer issue are quite logical. In our anger and upset we lose sight of the easiest solutions.